This is the first hybrid Congress of the IAAP – your opinion is very important

Buenos Aires Congress 2022 Survey
General Aspects of the Scientific Program

1) What was your overall impression of this event:
2) Content of Plenary Presentations
3) Content of Breakout sessions
4) Content of Poster presentations
5) Scientific Program
6) Plenary Text Translations
Rate using a scale from 0 to 5, which topics represented a major interest or relevance to you? (0 being the lowest and 5 the highest score)

7) Clinical
8) Cultural
9) Social/political
10) Training
11) Pandemic
12) Virtuality
13) Did the conference reflect new advances in the analytical field?
14) How would you rate the value of pre-congress programs?
General Organizational Aspects

1) How would you rate the online Congress website?
2) What is your opinion of the hybrid format?
3) Please rate your experience of the hybrid format as in - person participant
4) Please rate your experience of the hybrid format as online participant
5) Please rate your experience as an in – person presenter
6) Please rate your experience as an online presenter
7) How would you prefer to attend future congresses once restrictions imposed by the general global instability and pandemic are lifted?
8) In your opinion, how important is it to hold Congresses in a hybrid format?
Sociodemographic information

1) What is your mother tongue?
2) Which other languages do you understand?
3) Age